Travelling and cooking ever since Chef Amit has done many years span than his peers could ever do. In search of good food and innovative cooking, he has been to Sri Lanka, Abu Dhabi, Oman among many other Indian city's. His primary job to help restaurants come up with exciting concepts and helping them with setting up the same. he specialized in fusion cuisine and now endeavoring to give them a modernist twist, For this cuisine and concept he achieved multiple awards for the Restaurants. And also participated as a Jury Chef in cooking Competition's as well. He grown and completed his study from Delhi. In another hand, he is proud to say that he is Himachali. After his schooling he has done management course from Institute of Hotel Management Shimla. His passion for cooking started when he was six year little boy. Actually his grand father was Professionally by Chef so his interest is came from there. When his Grand Father was cooking in the kitchen at the same time Amit saw his Grand Father focusing on his cooking and the way he love for cooking and then Amit was really having curiosity to learn and became like his Grand Paa. his first dish was Dum Alloo cooked by amit with his Grand Paa  by the age of seven years at his home. Probably that was the time his senses come alive. he himself thought to start passionate cook in his journey. And he started cooking from his college training kitchen during his IHM  studies. And he joined Chef Air Flight Catering in Air India and he learned  traditional and fusions cooking techniques. After taking some cooking Technics and workshops in few college and restaurants, he keep posting in social media. His Facebook profile page has good response from viewers for live demo classes and updates etc. He later on join with the well known celebrity chefs in India and Abroad Master Chef Australia Sarah Todd , London gold medal winner Chris Pulfur, Master Chef South Africa Guy Clark and other then that he cook for many Celebrities or Bollywood film stars like Sharukh Khan, Amir khan, Salman Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, Ranveer kapoor etc. 

It is privilege and honor to be featured in some Blogs, Magazine and Local Newspaper. And continue looking for new stories and recipes to feature for them.

He had been working as kitchen Head and worked for many work shops and menu plannings for the well known Finalist Master Chef Australia Sarah Todd's Restaurant. he said he always love to learning and sharing his culinary skills. He feels himself so lucky to make cooking show named Crushing Spices by Chef Amit Chauhan showcase.
unfortunately due to some busy schedule of his new projects he wasn't able to continue for more season's for cooking show.

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